Image: Disney, Tron Legacy

Did you know that the cybernetic landscapes of Tron, the virtual cityscapes of the 1994 show Reboot, and the pulsating rhythms of synthwave have all been key inspirations in the creation of the world of our upcoming game, Beware?

Diving into the depths of cyber space, we find ourselves surrounded by a digital universe – a realm of infinite potential and an array of mind-boggling possibilities. But beyond the allure of the digital frontier, the core of our narrative explores the very human issue of cyber bullying, which makes the cyber space setting all the more fitting.

Image: Tron Identity

The Visual Aesthetics of Tron

Tron, with its distinctive visual style, marked a new direction in the portrayal of digital worlds. Its neon landscapes and stylized graphics have been a significant influence on the visual aesthetics of Beware.

Image: Mainframe Entertainment, ReBoot

The Living Digital World of Reboot

The 1994 show Reboot took us into a living, breathing digital world, presenting the internet as a city teeming with life. It was an inspiration for creating a world that’s more than just circuits and code, but a realm full of personality.

Image: Cyber Hook

The Retrowave Aesthetic and Games Like Cyber Hook

The Retrowave aesthetic, characterized by its neon colors, stylized graphics, and unmistakable throwback to the 80s, is an artistic style that goes hand in hand with the vibrant cybernetic landscapes found in many games. A great example of the Retrowave influence is the game Cyber Hook, a thrilling parkour-driven game that uses the Retrowave aesthetic to visually stimulate and heighten the intensity of gameplay.

While Beware doesn’t adopt the Retrowave aesthetic directly, we’re significantly inspired by the vibe it conveys – the exhilaration of navigating a digital, cybernetic world, which aligns with the core theme of our game. In Beware, we channel the energy and spirit of the Retrowave aesthetic into the rhythm of our game world. This is combined with a unique visual design that draws inspiration from Tron and a living, dynamic digital world inspired by the 1994 show Reboot, creating a game experience that resonates with both nostalgia and freshness.

Image: Sabr Path, Beware

Cyber Bullying and Motivational Entertainment

At the heart of Beware’s cybernetic narrative is the theme of cyber bullying. This issue, which affects so many in our digital age, is a core part of our game’s narrative. We believe in creating “motivational entertainment”, and so our game is designed to challenge players to face this issue, reflect on their own actions, and grow through their digital journey.

To quote William Gibson, “Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation.” In Beware, we are building our own slice of this ‘consensual hallucination,’ but with the goal of using it to inspire and motivate, not just entertain.

Our cybernetic world, drawing inspiration from Tron, Reboot, and synthwave, is a digital landscape with a human heart, tackling real-world issues like cyber bullying. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

If you are as excited as we are, do us a favor and add Beware to your Steam wishlist. It’s a small action that helps us enormously in bringing this digital world to life!