In “Beware,” we’re taking a bold step: transforming Alpha, our main character, from a simple yellow block figure into an iconic, vibrant hero. We’re shifting towards a cyberpunk character design, ensuring Alpha feels at home in the detailed cyber world we’re meticulously crafting.

Here are the main reasons behind Alpha’s redesign:

  • Memorability: As the game environment grows, Alpha’s simplicity seems less and less fitting. A memorable protagonist is central to a game’s identity, and we want Alpha to leave a lasting impression.
  • Environment Alignment: Alpha’s look should reflect the essence of his digital surroundings. The new design gears towards firmly planting Alpha in the cyberpunk character design aesthetic.

Our inspiration for the new Alpha comes from digital warriors of “Tron” or the armored heroes of “Mega Man Battle Network”. We envision a new Alpha who not only encapsulates the cyber world aesthetic but also exhibits a strong, distinctive personality.

Here’s a glimpse into Alpha’s potential new look:

  • Digital Armor/Attire: We’re contemplating arming Alpha with digital armor or attire, giving him a distinctive cyberpunk flavor.

This journey of redesigning Alpha is more than an aesthetic shift. It’s about aligning every aspect of “Beware” with our commitment to create a detailed cyber world.

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