I didn’t enjoy Limbo. I felt the game had a lot of unfair deaths and the gameplay was more about memorizing where the traps were located. It was also very difficult to see what I was supposed to interact with.

Limbo was a game that received a lot of praise upon its release, but I personally felt that it was overrated. It was lacking in many areas that I felt were important for a game to be successful. However, Playdead’s follow-up game, Inside, is everything that Limbo should have been. Inside is a masterpiece that surpasses Limbo in every way.

First of all, the visual style in Inside is less unique than Limbo, but it still conveys a dark and eerie theme. However, it’s much easier to see what’s going on in the game. Limbo had a tendency to make it hard to distinguish between interactable objects and background elements, leading to a lot of frustration and unfair deaths. In contrast, Inside is much clearer in what you can interact with and how the puzzles are meant to be solved.

Secondly, the gameplay in Inside is much more fair than in Limbo. Both games feature instant-kill traps, but in Limbo, it often felt like the game was being unfair. The traps seemed to come out of nowhere, and the player was often forced to memorize their location. In contrast, the deaths in Inside felt like they were always the player’s fault. The traps were still difficult to avoid, but the game did a better job of signaling their presence and giving the player a chance to react.

Lastly, the story in Inside is just weird in a great way. Limbo’s story was ambiguous and didn’t provide much of an explanation for the events of the game. Was he trying to find his sister? Was it a dream? Do I care? No. On the other hand, Inside’s story kept getting stranger and stranger as the game progressed, but the gameplay always felt like it fit with the story. By the end of the game, I felt like I had been on an incredible journey, and the story had come to a satisfying conclusion.

Overall, Inside is a game that does a great job of portraying a story through its gameplay. It’s an incredibly entertaining experience that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves atmospheric and immersive games.

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