The world of Tron is an iconic fantasy video game world, but has there been a good Tron game?

Tron is a cyber space world that is visually stunning and unlike anything seen in film or video games before. Its neon grid lines, light cycles, and computerized landscapes are immediately recognizable and captivating. Tron defined what a cyber space world should look like, and the potential for a great video game set in this world is immense. However, despite numerous attempts, no Tron game has fully realized this potential.

Tron 2.0 was the first major attempt at a Tron video game, and it was an overly ambitious first-person shooter. While it had some interesting mechanics, such as the ability to upgrade your cyber suit and use different programs, the game was a bit too complex and had some clunky gameplay. Tron 2.0 didn’t quite capture the essence of the Tron universe, and it was clear that the developers were trying to do too much with the game.

Tron Evolution was the next major game, released alongside the Tron Legacy movie. It was an okay game, but it didn’t have anything that made it stand out. The game was essentially just a Prince of Persia clone, without actually doing anything with the gameplay to differentiate itself. It had story that takes place alongside the movie but adds nothing to the story. Tron Evolution had some cool mechanics, such as the use of a light disc and wall running, but it lacked in the story department.

Tron Run/r was the next notable game in the series, and it was a huge disappointment. The game was essentially just an infinite runner. It had some interesting visuals, but the gameplay isn’t what the fans are looking for. The game had a great opportunity to utilize the unique mechanics and elements of the Tron universe, but it failed to deliver on that front.

Tron Identity is the latest release in the Tron game franchise, and while the quality of the game is not in question, it may not be what many fans of Tron are looking for. The visual novel genre is very niche and not known for action-oriented gameplay. Tron is a franchise known for its action, with the iconic disc throwing and light cycle races being staples of what people think of when they think of Tron. While an engaging story is important, as seen in Tron Uprising, fans of Tron want to feel like they are living and moving in the world of Tron, not just reading about it.

The Tron Uprising cartoon was really good and had a great story, but it was canceled after the first season. I would love to see a game that picks up the story and allows players to explore the cyber world of Tron. A game that allows players to participate in Light Cycle races, disc battles, and hack their way through complex computer systems would be amazing. The potential for a great Tron game is there, and it’s just waiting to be fully realized.

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