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We believe in promoting self improvement. Whether it’s fitness, weight loss, productivity, building social skills or mental health; we are advocates of always improving.

We are committed to bring you Gaming That Gets You! We want to bring games that don’t waste your time. Games that provide a positive messages or promotes good habits!

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What is Sabr?

Sabr is an Arabic word, صَبْرٌ, which is pronounced “sub-r.” Many mistranslate it as meaning “patience”. Sabr is more than just patience and there isn’t just one English word that is an equivalent to it.

Having sabr is like having stoicism. To be able to control your emotions and not have despair during challenging times. It’s to have patience, perseverance, persistence, and to endure when facing opposition. It means to be spiritually steadfast and to continue to do good when doing good is the difficult thing to do. It’s to remain strong and to have faith during setbacks, unexpected problems and unwanted results.

The name “Sabr Path” is a reminder to stay on the path towards having sabr. Regardless of hardship or great success, the name “Sabr Path” is a reminder to be humble, be grateful, be disciplined and to be the best that we can be.


Evolving Alpha: Cyberpunk Character Design in “Beware”

In “Beware,” we’re taking a bold step: transforming Alpha, our main character, from a simple yellow block figure into an iconic, vibrant hero. We’re shifting towards a cyberpunk character design,


Cyber Inspirations: Tron, Reboot, and Retrowave in Beware

Did you know that the cybernetic landscapes of Tron, the virtual cityscapes of the 1994 show Reboot, and the pulsating rhythms of synthwave have all been key inspirations in the


A Game Developer’s Perspective: Unpacking the Dove and Epic Games Body Positivity Video

  As a game developer, I am frequently evaluating the narratives and portrayals that form the landscape of the gaming industry. A recent collaboration between Dove and Epic Games, however,

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