A story-driven 2D action platformer about standing up to a bully and self-reflection

A 2D Platformer Inspired by:

Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros, Rayman LEgends and Thomas was Alone

Reveal Trailer


  • Single Player Experience
  • Built in Unity
  • Uses Corgi Engine
  • Solo Developed
  • Target Platform: PC
  • Console Ports: Switch, PS4/5, Xbox
  • Players best with controller
  • Story about standing up to a bully
  • Your friends leave you and help the bully
  • Plot twist: You were actually the bully
  • Redemption arch after the twist
  • Inspired by DK County, Super Mario, Rayman
  • Need help: Funding, Marketing, Localization, and Console Ports



  • Pro
    • The Main Character
  • New Comer
    • Nemesis
  • Friends
    • Supporting Characters


Act 1

An introduction to the characters, the worlds, and a threat of the New Comer is collecting Encrytops (coins) and is being a selfish bully.

Act 2

Pro sees that New Comer is up to no good and collecting coins. Pro will not allow for New Comer to spread his “dangerous opinions” and Pro decides to collect the Encryptos so New Comer can’t get to them.

The friends start joining with the New Comer. Pro is confused and feels betrayed. By the end of Act 2, it’s revealed that Pro is the one who’s being a selfish bully, and New Comer was just trying to collect Encryptos to help the needy.

Act 3

Pro comes to acceptance of this revelation. He will go on a journey of self reflection and will enter a redemption arch, for Pro to right his wrongs, battle his inner prejudice and help get the Encryptos to the New Comer!


Beware (Formerly known as Beware The Bully Redux) is an Action 2D platformer that takes inspiration from games such as Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Bros, Rayman, Thomas Was Alone and 140.

Gameplay takes heavy inspiration from action platformers such as Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Bros. Pro can walk, run, jump, melee and roll a short distance that is faster than running. Similar to Donkey Kong Country, there is Coyote Time. Rolling off the edge of one platform, followed by jumping while off the edge will allow for a very large jump. Pro’s melee attack is a 3 hit combo. Each hit is larger than the previous, and looks explosive.

There are 3 levels in the demo. The final product will occupy ~200 min of gameplay, which includes 5 boss fights.

The gameplay loop is similar to Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, in which the levels are split into 3 zones. Each level features 2 gameplay mechanics and the zones will focus on these mechanics in this order. 

Zone 1: Game mechanic 1

Zone 2: Game mechanic 2

Zone 3: Game mechanic 1 and 2

The three levels included in the demo levels play out like the following: 

  • Level 1
    • Destructible boxes that block paths
    • Moving Platforms
    • Destructible boxes and moving platforms
  • Level 2
    • Jump pads
    • Vanishing platforms
    • Jump pads and vanishing platforms
  • Level X
    • Anti gravity zones
    • Gravity points (circle or square platforms with its own gravitation pull)
    • Anti gravity zones and gravity points

How To Play

The current build does not support control remapping. Please play with a gaming controller, preferably an Xbox controller, for the best experience.


Basic Controls

Left/Right = Move
Up = Look Up
A = Jump
X + Left/Right = Roll
Hold X + Left/Right = Run
Right Trigger = Melee Attack (can perform 3 hit combo)


Advanced Controls

Rolling off platforms edge + jump = extended jump


The game uses a clean, minimalist artstyle to build an abstract, cyber world.

Why Cyber Aesthetic?

Beware’s story covers themes of bullying, how we act, and self reflection. When people are online, many don’t care about how they act. Many people experience cyber bullying, rude comments, even death threats when they are online. This is why Beware’s cyber artstyle ties-in with the story themes of bullying and self reflection.

A clean look that’s inspired by games like 140. A new take on an abstract, cyber-space universe.

Helps Gameplay

  • Smooth Presentation
  • Easy To Understand
  • Contrasts What’s Interactable

Complete gameplay Video

Market Research


  • 159 Steam Reviews
  • ~9,063 Units Sold
  •  $2.99 Price
  • ~$27,098 Gross Revenue


  • 316 Steam Reviews
  • ~18,012 Units Sold
  •  $14.99 Price
  • ~$269,999 Gross Revenue


  • 966 Steam Reviews
  • ~48,459 Units Sold
  •  $19.99 Price
  • ~$1,100,689 Gross Revenue


The Ask?


  • $130,000 USD
  • Est. 20 months Development
  • Commission Work
    • Audio
      • Voice Acting
      • Music
    • Art
      • Store Capsule Art
      • Improved Background Art
      • Character Portraits

Need Help With:

  • Publishing
  • Console Ports
  • Console Submissions
  • Marketing

Store Price

  • $9.99 USD
  • 18K units will break even
    • Mago 18k
  • 45k units ideal for profit
    • Haiku, The Robot 48k

Message From Me

My name is Mustafa Al-Hassani. I’m a husband, a father of two, and I work a full time job. Being physically active and being present with my family are priorities to me. I try to constantly grow as a game developer, as a family man and as a person.

I’ve worked in the game industry for 6 years. I spent 3 years as an Administrative Assistant at Treyarch and currently working QA at Zwift

I’m committed to completing my projects.

I completed these projects while working a fulltime job, as well as building a family. My goal is to go full time with the development of this game so I can expedite the development and release the game within the next 20 months.




The original Beware The Bully was developed in summer of 2014 as a senior project. It’s a 2D platformer about out-running a bully, rescuing friends, and standing up to the bully at the end.

It was developed using Unity 4 and Playmaker within one semester. The game contains 6 short stages with an intro cutsene, ending, and small story elements within the game. It has a positive message about friendship and anti-bullying.

Visit Original Beware The Bully Website