Sabr Path will never support gambling aspects in our games.

For several years, I was addicted to the online card game, Hearthstone. It had many addictive elements, one being card packs. These card packs contained random cards, and sometimes, rare and desirable cards. Players could purchase these packs with in-game currency or real money, and hope to get the cards they wanted. It’s easy to see how this is like gambling, because the player is essentially buying a chance to win a prize. And just like in gambling, there’s no guarantee that the player will get what they want.

Loot boxes are another example of gambling aspects in games. They are virtual crates containing randomized virtual items. Loot boxes can be purchased with real money, and players hope to get the rare or desirable items they want. These types of randomized mechanics have become very prevalent in online games, and have even shown up in single-player games. For example, Shadow of War had loot boxes on launch, and that’s a single player-only game. It eventually got patched out due to fan backlash.

These gambling aspects in games can be seen as predatory because they can reel in vulnerable consumers with predatory tactics. Children are particularly vulnerable, as they may not fully understand the nature of these mechanics and can easily develop addictive habits. In fact, several countries have attempted to ban loot boxes in games due to their resemblance to gambling. Belgium and the Netherlands have successfully banned loot boxes in games, while other countries such as the UK and Australia have launched investigations into their potential harm.

At Sabr Path, we believe that gaming should be a fun and safe experience for everyone, and we want to ensure that our games do not contribute to the normalization of gambling in the gaming industry. By making a stand against these predatory practices, we hope to encourage other game developers to follow in our footsteps and create games that prioritize the well-being of their players above profit.

In conclusion, Sabr Path will never support gambling aspects in our games. We believe that games should be fun and rewarding without the need for players to engage in gambling-like behaviors. By creating games that are both challenging and engaging, we hope to attract a loyal fan base who value the same ethics and morals as we do. We urge other game developers to consider the potential harm that gambling mechanics can have on vulnerable consumers and to create games that are both entertaining and ethical.

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