I’m excited to share the latest updates on Nexus Defenders, a sci-fi story-driven tower defense game inspired by the legendary Starcraft and Defense Grid.

Development Updates: Graphics and Levels

Since my last devlog, I’ve made significant progress. After updating the graphics for level one, I’ve now enhanced level two as well. The alien planet is taking shape with its vivid 3D models, adding depth and immersion to the game’s environment.

A major technical improvement has been in optimizing the game’s performance. By learning how to bake the lighting, I’ve transitioned from dynamic to static lighting. This not only boosts the game’s performance but also ensures that Nexus Defenders will run smoothly on your machine. For those not familiar with the term, this technique essentially makes the lighting less demanding on processing power without compromising the visual quality.

Nexus Command Briefing

The main menu has been another area of focus. While it might not sound like the most glamorous feature, it plays a crucial role in the player’s experience. I’ve integrated the Nexus Command Briefing into the menu, which weaves together the story from the start. This means players can dive straight into the action as soon as they begin the first level, without any preceding story segments or dialogues.

Nexus Command Briefing

Campaign Story Mechanics

I’m also thrilled to share that new story segments are now part of the game, presented in a visual novel style. With a dialogue system in place and characters set up, these segments will unfold the plot and offer players dialogue choices, adding a layer of personalization to the gaming experience.

Story Segment

Announcement: Demo Release on Steam

Here’s the big news: I’m targeting to release a demo on Steam within a week! This demo will feature the first two levels, giving a glimpse of some towers and abilities that will appear in later levels.

The final game is aimed to be around 3 hours of gameplay. This decision reflects my philosophy that games shouldn’t be addictive or filled with unnecessary segments. They should be enjoyable and respectful of your time, especially for players with families and busy lives, like myself.

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