Survival Update, which is the final content update for Nexus Defenders, is now live! This update adds an Endless Mode map with new towers and enemies. In addition, this update includes hot keys for player abilities, balance changes, bug fixes and more. Check out the patch notes for details!

To celebrate this update, for the first two weeks, the game will be discounted at 20% off! If you haven’t picked up the game yet, now is a good time, and if you already own the game, be sure to leave a review on Steam. This is the single most helpful thing you can do to help push the algorithm.

Finally, the store page has been revamped with new capsule art, gifs, screenshots, and a new trailer that better reflects the final product.

At this point, Nexus Defenders has reached it’s finale state. All major bugs have been addressed and but we will address any other bugs that get reported. Thank you for supporting Nexus Defenders. We’re shifting towards our next project and we’ll announce it very soon.

Patch Notes

  • Adjust Level 3 final wave to have less Chargers spawning at the end
  • Lowered opacity of red enemy path indicator
  • Added Hotkeys for player abilities
  • Changed tank models to look less old fashioned
  • Changed icon for Tesla Tower to be different from Energy Icon.
  • Added impact effect to Orbital Strike
  • Increased radius of Orbital Strike from 5.5 to 6
  • Increased Orbital Strike Min/Max based damage from 80/130 to 150/200
  • Reduced Orbital Strike energy cost from 60 to 50
  • Increased Wave Cleared bonus money for Level 6
  • Decreased health of some units in final wave of Level 6
  • Added Stunner enemy, truck with a stunning attack for Endless mode
  • Added tank that shoots, exclusive for Endless mode
  • Perks for Endless mode
  • Added Meteor Turret which has 8 levels
  • Added New blockade for Endless mode with upgrades to Resource Tower, Support Tower, and Tesla Tower
  • Added new Transport flying creep that spawns Crawler creeps for Endless mode
  • Added Thaddeus, boss enemy for Endless mode
  • Removed build time from land mines