Nexus Defenders Update! Hot fix was pushed out today to address the level unlock glitch that’s been a mystery since the launch.

Level Unlock

I wanted to get this fix out immediately after I found the cause of the level unlock bug. Many players were having trouble unlocking the levels on the level select screen, due to the save system not registering what level they were on. This should be fixed!

Skip Story

Aside from that, I added a “Skip Story” button for the story segments, Press the ESK key to bring up the pause menu during the story segments and you can now skip to the next level.


I did some performance optimization to help improve performance for lower performance builds.


I’ve made balance changes to both the boss fights.

Check out the Change Log below for details on all the changes.

V1.3.4.2024 Change Log
  • Added selector arrows for resolution
  • Slight reduction of Deathbringer’s HP from 40000 to 32000
  • Added Pause Menu to story segments with Volume sliders and Skip Story button
  • UI slider added to audio sliders
  • Fixed some Nullreference errors
  • Added Pause screen with skip story button on the story segments
  • Removed numbers from the audio settings on the main menu
  • The Ironbourne Form 3 decrease on attack time cooldown from 1 second to .6 seconds.
  • The Ironbourne Form 3 increase in attack targets from 2 to 3
  • Reworded tooltip in Level 3 to make it more clear that if boss gets through, you lose
  • Added “Press ESC to Skip” to first story scene to inform play that story can be skipped
  • Combined meshes in all maps for optimization
  • Created atlases for all maps for optimization
  • Setup object pool for all maps for optimization
  • Added code to force Save Manager to recognize correct level number to properly unlock levels when completed

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